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Affiliate Marketing Course
Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing Course

Product Description

Beginner to Advanced Affiliate Marketing Course

A 14-day Affiliate Marketing Course. Learn Affiliate Marketing from a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant and Affiliate Marketer. One-on-one consulting included.

The course contains

14 Chapters (Mail + Videos) The course material will be delivered daily via email for 14 days. Assignments & Action Steps at the end of the chapters Goal: To start your own affiliate marketing website

The 14 Chapters

Chapter 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Chapter 2: Helping You Choose Your Niche Chapter 3: The 3 Ps in Affiliate Marketing Chapter 4: The 1st P: Choosing a Product Chapter 5: The 2nd P: Building Your Platform Chapter 6: The 3rd P: Promotion (Traffic Source) Chapter 7: SEO Basics & Content Writing Chapter 8: Email List Building Chapter 9: Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Chapter 10: Create A Lead Magnet Chapter 11: Affiliate Marketing Tips Chapter 12: Affiliate Marketing Tools Chapter 13: Top Affiliate Marketing Programs Chapter 14: BONUS: Additional Methods to Generate Income From Your Website In addition,

Lifetime access to the courses My one-on-one consulting & mentorship Private group on WhatsApp / Telegram

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